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We invite all of you to become a part of the New Bethany family.  Without the support of our literally thousands of exceptional volunteers and donors we would be unable to continue providing the critical services that do incalculable good for our community.

Happy New Year from all of us at New Bethany Ministries!  A special "thank you" to all of our supporters and we look forward to your assisting us in our important work in 2014!


Your chance to double your donation to our Spring Hunger campaign is coing to a close on April 30th!  Would you consider a donation today to this extremely important campiagn?  Just click on the "Donate" link below or call the New Bethany office at 610-691-5602, Ext. 21, to make a donation.     

RSVP FOR OUR EXCLUSIVE EVENT WITH AUTHOR DONALD MILLER    Click on a link here to purchase tickets for our exclusive wine and cheese event with Author Donald Miller, author of Masters of the Air.  

NEW ON APRIL 18TH: St. Ursula's visited New Bethany on Aptil 18th and created a fantastic Easter repast for our customers.  For photos click here

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